Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 29 and 30


After thinking last night that we were done with the water maker kirk had a brainstorm and decided we had to MOVE the water maker.  He is so smart.  We moved it about 3 feet to shorten the length the water had to travel from the intake through hull to the pump.  Makes sense that if the pump does not have to pull the water so far it will not work as hard.  So for about 5 hours he was squished down in the front berth sweating, contorting, hanging upside down moving the pump, charcoal filter and the 50 micron filter.  I was the helper.  I got tools, made notes and stuff like that.  After all was set and done, he did not see the improvement that he had hoped for.  But he is satisfied with the water maker and so that is that till the next time……


We went to a bonfire on the beach up at hamburger beach.  Was a kids event with somemores and two dogs.   The bugs or sand fleas were outrageous.  Even with long pants and bug spray they were biting.  Poor kirk wore shorts and he said he was bit to pieces.   The dingy ride there and back was an adventure.  Not like the little hops we have done in the bvi's.  so cross another one off the list.  Some of the boats are all lit up with Christmas lights.  One boat (badboy) whom we met in lucaya has blinkers on his boat so he can find it at night and also so everyone else can.  Hope to get some pics of that to post.


Coming back from town the clouds were green/turquoise.  Kirk said you can see it with polarized glasses.  It is the reflection of the water.  That was pretty cool.


On to new years eve eve


Kirk went to town early and got diesel in a jug and then we tested it in the baha filter.  He decided that we can get fuel there just have to run it through the filter first.  We will wait for a calm day as there are bolts sticking out of the pilings and they will bunch a hole in the side of the boat for sure.


The excitement is for tomorrow as there is a regatta with Bahamian sloops racing.  It should be great fun to watch.  I found out tonight that the race starts while the boats are at anchor and they have to pull the anchor in as part of the race. 


Big news of the day, kirk put the extension handle on the dingy and then told me to drive us home from town.  You have to go under this little bridge where the current can be difficult.  I have not driven the dingy for over a year so my skills were rusty and definitely put to the test.  Picture this, me standing holding on to the painter going across the channel.  My oh my.  It is much easier to drive the dingy standing up.  You can see rocks/coral, you have better balance etc.  plus your back does not get as jolted when you hit rough spots.

sunset compliments of bif

christian fish friends at the back of the boat.  weird fish that have suckers on their heads that hang onto sharks.  sharks you say

Thursday, December 29, 2011

life in georgetown

December 27 and 28, 2011


Sad day on 27th.  C & E left this morning.  Very early.  We went to a meeting on the beach for cruisers that are heading south. Lots of boats that are going south some then east some then west.  Was interesting to hear their plans.  Was nice that some experienced cruisers that have done these routes before were giving advice.

Then came back to boat and worked on water maker with out much success.

December 28th

Up and went to town.  Got some groceries and internet and then back to work on water maker.  I put on goggles and went under the boat to make sure that the water intake was not clogged.  We did not think it was but were trying to cover all bases.  After two phone calls to manufacture in California, one today one yesterday, and checking just about everything the tech in California told kirk that low production was not a big deal and that it was not causing any damage.  So all the reading and time spent was an education on the water making system in the boat.  Whew so much to learn. (kirk knew most of it, I was just a sounding board and read for my education)

There is a dingy float going on here now.  They all get in their dingys, bring drinks and snacks, tie dingys together and float around.  

Every day at 2 pm there is volley ball on the beach.  At 8 am there are general announcements.  It is a little community that comes and goes as boats sail in and out.  Some stay here all winter. 

Kirk found out about the fuel in Georgetown today.  Tomorrow he will take one of our 5 gallon jugs over and fill it up and then strain it through the baha filter (it filters out the bad stuff like water) and see if it is good and then we might just go over there to get fuel.  That would save us a trip up to emerald bay.  We are trying to get the boat ready to move on.  After all that is done it will be waiting on a weather window.


christian doing a cannon ball off front of boat.  thanks bif for pics


great pic of christian and kirk.  we hiked up the hill behind them to the monument and down the other side and walked along the ocean while c & e were here

the ocean side

kirk is now celebrating that the water maker is ok and that the brochure is a bunch of lies.  we will still carry water and fuel with us wherever we go.  some of the next places are just islands in the ocean  no peoples……  we shall see

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 26th

Boxing day

Another beautiful day here.  C & e are sad getting ready to go.  They are working on cleaning their shells they plan to take back.  For some reason a bunch of boats are coming over to our anchorage.  We were going to relocate to the other anchorage but may just hang here.  There is a bbq at volley ball beach today that Christian wants to go to.

I may take my computer and see if I can connect to send these posts.

We did move the boat to volleyball beach.  I think Christian and Elizabeth were happy to at least have the boat move even if to another anchorage.  We went to the pig roast at volleyball beach.  I learned to play dominoes.  Christian and Elizabeth drank gumbay smashes.  Christian said “ah yeah now this is the kind of rum drink I have been looking for.  It is rum and a bunch of other booze.  Was a laid back day. 

Christian helped me a great deal with this blog and helped kirk with the boat.  We will be sad to see them go.  Elizabeth helped me with general computer stuff like pictures. 

When we left volleyball beach the skates were there.  They come right up to you looking for food.  I couldn’t get away from it.  They thought that was funny.   Ha  not for me.   

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day


We missed the Christmas service last night on volleyball beach as a storm blew through and I left the port open (so did bif) and we had a little fire drill with water everywhere.  Dumb us.  Oh well.  It was real windy and the ride back would have been a real wet one.  I am not sure how many if any went from our anchorage or not. 


So today was a play day.  I made beef burgundy and let it cook all day on and off to make it tender.  We went for a mile and a half walk on sand dollar beach (that is where we are anchored).  It was really cool.  Lots of sand bars, lots of sea life, Christian found two conch shells with no conch and brought them back.  We also found conch with the lovely little critter inside.


My they are something.  We waked around the point where the sand bars would just appear.  We could see the ocean.  Bif took lots of pictures. 


We had dinner with wendy, johnny, caeo, birdie and meya (the dog)  was a lot of fun and the kids are great.  Johnny and wendy are a wealth of knowledge.   Was a very different Christmas but very nice.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry christmas

December 24th, 2011

Christmas Eve is upon us.  The time is flying by with c & e.  I think they both have some sun poisoning.  Elizabeth is quite adventurous taking the dingy or kayak to go around points of the island.  It is still rough crossing the sound and kirk and I had a bumpy kinda dangerous ride back from town yesterday.  We were loaded down with groceries and laundry.  Christian caught a fish yesterday morning and that was great excitement.  First one caught since we left Maryland.  He has had fun fishing but now has sun poisoning on his hands and feet.  The weather is supposed to calm down today and we may move anchorage closer to volleyball beach as that is where the “service” is tonight.   I think they just sing Christmas carols and do a desert share afterwards.  Anyway should be fun.

I hope to get to town this morning and find some marshmellows to try and make fudge.  The store I was in yesterday only had fruit flavored ones   yuk   If not I have to figure out a desert.  The oven seems to work a little better but is a crappy oven and may never work like a real oven.  Same goes with the fridge and freezer.  Still working on figuring out if the French design of the doors (for looks) makes both the fridge and freezer not close like they should.  The both use a ton of electricity yet the freezer section of the fridge gets all iced over and doesn’t really freeze anything,  ah well  life of a cruiser.  Will check out different ones when have internet.  Also check out lagoon forums to see if anyone else has these issues.

We continue to listen to the weather forecast at 6:30 by chris parker to get an idea of what we can do next week.

Most nights we are in bed by 8 and asleep by 9.  Kirk is working hard at figuring out our next move.  Most likely will involve some overnight passages.    We shall see. 

As mimi used to say  merry ho ho

Friday, December 23, 2011

georgetown - exumas

Atlantis  (Nassau to Georgetown) Great Exuma Island

December 18th to 20th

Due to a 24 hour break in the weather, it was decided that we would leave with the two other boats osprey and celillo and do an overnight passage leaving nassau Saturday morning to cross the flats with the sun overhead so you can see and dodge the rocks and coral heads in the flats then through shipping channel cut into the sound and sail all night to arrive in Georgetown Sunday morning.  Crossing the flats involved kirk on mast looking for rocks and coral heads and me at the helm.  Was a little nerve racking for me but kirk thought it was great.  Was a great night in the sound.  That is if you like sailing at night with no sleep trying to not nod off. Not as rough as any other conditions that we have seen while down here, in fact it was a beautiful night. Kaeo on osprey showed kirk the Bahamian welcoming star that changes colors.  We arrived in Georgetown early and had to motor around waiting on the sun to go through the cut to get into Georgetown. 

When going through the cut to get out of the sound and in the Elizabeth harbor some big rollers decided to head on in and broke about 20 feet in front of the boat.  Now that was a wake up call.  You had to follow your way points exactly.  Little tricky after no sleep but the excitement of finally being here was a charge.  I pooped out about 10 and slept till 12 did some chores and then we went to chat and chill.  Poor kirk was still so fired up that he did not fall asleep till that evening. 

Christian and Elizabeth arrived that evening and so life on ainulindale started to pick up. 

Yesterday after fixing the genset thank you Christian, we hiked part of the island (invite from osprey)  went to the highest point where a monument stands, saw the cut we came through with the breakers, hiked down the other side and walked along the sound (ocean) side for along time finding shells, traversing sand dunes, limestone cliffs, had a good time and then a very very wet but hysterical dingy ride back to the boat.

Today,after working on the dingy engine, Christian and elizabeth took the dingy to shore to snorkel and swim and explore.  Kirk and I had a day off of doing nothing.  I had another mac lesson from Christian so I am getting used to this computer.  I will get another one when we go to town and have internet.  Oh I guess I did not mention that we have no internet, we are in an anchorage that is protected as the winds were gusting to 30 and we have to get the water taxi to take us to great exuma  (gerorgetown) for supplies and internet.  Hopefully going tomorrow.

We were invited to the Christmas dinner at volleyball beach where all the cruisers hang out but declined as we are just getting settled and do not have many supplies on board.  Also wanted to spend time with c & e.

Today Christian put on the new gas orifice for the oven so we may even be able to bake something for Christmas dinner. 

If I do not get to town again before Christmas I hope everyone has or had depending upon when you read this post a wonderful holiday filled with peace and joy.