Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ahhh Grenada

We have been back in Grenada for almost 2 weeks.   I was pleasantly reminded of how much I like this island and the people.   We have stayed in 3 different anchorages and enjoyed them all. We hiked into town and made all the stops (Ace Hardware, Bank, CK's (like a little price club) and vegetable store.  We then caught the 2.50$ bus back to the marina.   We rode the cruisers shopping bus  from a different anchorage and met some fun people. We met up with some of the drivers of buses we knew from last year and that was nice that they remembered us.  We caught up with a couple we met in the BVI's and chatted with them.  We met another couple from Annapolis who live in Bay Ridge.

 When we anchored behind Hog Island (where we stayed most of last summer), we were greeted by a young couple who we met last year and by another couple (whose boat was in front of us all last year ) who came over in there dingy to say   "Welcome home, we saved your spot."  We had fun at Rogers (the beach bar on Hog Island ).  We got to see a huge land crab caught by Roger and his friend was taking it to his friend who eats them so he was just holding it.   The body of the crab was bigger than my fist and it had a one huge claw and one smaller claw, it was a dull gray color and by far the ugliest crab I have ever seen. Did not take my camera   durn.....    Roger is also a farmer and there were 5 flats with watermelon seedlings.  Each flat must have had 50 plants.   Roger said I could come farm with him any day but Sunday.   I am excited to do that when we get back.  He also told me I could get to the horse farm from his farm.  So that was a win win for Donna!

Most of the people coming in to Grenada now are the ones who leave their boats for the summer and go home.   The cruisers who stay will start to arrive by the end of June.  It will be fun to see the difference when we get back from our visit to Maryland in May and June.

We visited Whisper Cove Marina and were able to connect with Dingis through her daughter Gennel.  We had a lovely visit and hope to bring her home some prizes from the states.  She is the real thing.

We have had a couple of new experiences.  One is the squid on the boat.  I do not know how they get up so high but one was on the side deck.  A few others were on the transom.   Messy, smelly, slimey things.  Xerox should take a lesson from their ink!  It was hard to get off the boat and if you got it on you it stuck. (yes of course I touched it, it was a dry powder)

To the left is where the squid landed (ink print), to the right is where he ended up.  yuk

This was the one up on the side deck.  I think he was a few days old when I found him.  UGH

Sunset at Prickley Bay

Cactus along the road at Dingis's house

Banana tree in Dingis's yard

Dingis and Donna on line shopping at Whisper Cove

View from the dining room at Whisper Cove

Whisper Cove   I think our favorite place

Palm tree laden with coconuts

Gennel, Donna and Dingis    YEAH