Tuesday, June 12, 2012

rogers beach bar sunday late afternoon

donna carrying lots of drinks.  i had one in my mouth that they all thought was funny

rebecca and donna having fun.  it kept raining and so everyone was wet

rebecca, sheldon and donna.  who is the ham in this photo

photos all compliment of michael

if you do not specify that you want a bottled rum you get homemade rum that will knock you flat.  rebecca and i are drinking rum and ting.  ah ting   a delight of the island

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hog Island

We have been in Grenada for about a week now.  just getting settled and it is time to move so we can put the boat in a pretty safe marina so we can come home for julia's wedding.  we have made sun screens out of what material we had on the boat.  we have designed more to make and will purchase material when we are home.

This is a very protected anchorage behind hog island.  it has been a great place in light of the squalls that have blown through. there are boats tied up to the mangroves with no one on them.   it usually rains a couple times a day.  sometimes for only 30 seconds.  just long enough to make you run around and close all the hatches.  the water here is not so clear.   i am hoping to find more clear water but the island is so green that i think we will have mangroves which make the silt everywhere.  

there are reefs all around this anchorage which also help with tidal surge.

the music structure at rogers bar

Rogers Beach bar

kirk and diana at burger night at clarkes cove

boats moored into the mangroves

we have met some nice people and having a blast with michael and rebecca (zero to cruising ) and ross and diana (one white tree)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We made it!!! Grenada

Can hardly believe it.  Seven months towards this island and we arrived yesterday.

We left Carriacou after a lovely stay in Tyrrel Bay for a few days.

our boat heading towards Grenada pics compliments of Zero to Cruising

                                                                                       Tyrell Bay view of the anchorage from the mountain top. pic compliments of Zero to Crusing

  There were weather issues so our stay there was longer than anticipated but we did have a good time.  Zero to Cruising joined us for a few days and One White Tree came back up from Grenada with guests for one night.  Kirk and I walked the island road and went to the top of the hill.  the view was pretty cool.  Mike and Rebecca hiked to the top of the mountain and sent us a picture of the anchorage. The town was much like the others.  little shops with very limited groceries extremely expensive.  We did go to a pizza place one night and got internet and made reservations for kirk to fly home so mission was accomplished.   

We sailed down the east side of Grenada (windward, no protection from the island) and went into St Davids to check out the Grenada Marine where we plan to have the boat hauled out in August - September so we can come home.  the excitement was we caught our first edible fish.  a yellow fin tuna.  kirk fought and pulled it onto the boat.  was great excitement.   we had two others on line but they were too big and let go.  kirk was working the lines and i was trying to SLOW the boat down.  i was not successful so we had a lesson on what to do when we have a fish on the line.  now i must say that we were flying along at about 7 - 9 knots. i think we saw 10 knots at one point,  big confused seas between islands in some places  yuk

cleaning the fish was a whole new experience and i hope to get better at this lovely task.  i did learn that tuna bleed more than most other fishes.  pictures coming as internet permits

We went to a cruiser social at rogers beach bar on sunday night and met some fun people.  very strong rum drinks.  i believe homemade rum. or moonshine as call it in the south.

we are figuring out the lay of the land.  today we get on the shoppers bus and make the rounds.  will prove to be interesting.  We see a lot of Michael and Rebecca from Zero to Cruising and Ross and Diana from One White Tree.  Michael and Rebecca are showing us around.  thanks to them.

Friday, June 1, 2012

tobago cays pictures

sunrise over the ocean

home sweet home
 looking towards island that has area roped off so you can swim with the turtles without getting run over by someone

looking towards reef that protects you from ocean.  the black is seaweed, then out where the breakers are is rock and coral.  there are actually two reefs you just cannot see them both in this pic

this is what the water looked like around our boat.  you can see the rocks on the bottom.  it was crystal clear.  this is where and why i saw the shark so upclose and personal.  whew  the black spots are grass