Monday, December 9, 2013

On to the BVI's

We had a lovely anchorage in St Kitts.   A little cove where we had been before.   After a short nights sleep, we headed out at odark thirty towards St Martin.  Once again, the seas and winds were not as forecasted and we had a pretty rotten trip.   But we made it to Marigot Bay in St Martin around 3 pm.     Yeah!  First order of business was to customs, get ice and internet connection.

Mr. Fixit down in the starboard engine checking the oil.   

Another First.   We went into the lagoon with Gary of sv Capulet and did some shopping at marine stores and had lunch.   We were low on gas but decided we could make it back to the boat so we did not put any in the tank.   WRONG MOVE!!   We ran out.   It was hysterical.   Kirk was ready to start rowing and Gary said hell no and tilted the gas tank so what was left in the tank could get to the pick up.   We then motored very slowly towards the boat.  This picture is after we made it back to the boat and they were straining the last bit a sludgy gas from the tank.

When we first anchored in the bay I did not see any starfish.  This was disturbing to me.  We moved a bit to be closer to the wifi signal and the next morning here was one right by the chain.   There was no wind so you could see most clearly.  i believe all the little wrinkles in the sand are from the chain.

Up and over we go.

Safely on the other side of the chain.   Whew!

We left St Martin at 3:30 am and headed to Virgin Gorda.  We sailed part of the way  but the storms and seas were not in our favor.   Had the drill of dropping the sails in large waves and big winds.  Practice makes perfect.

We made it to Virgin Gorda and anchored next to Prickley Pear Island facing Saba Rock.  Was so excited to see these flamingos.  Have only ever seen them in Anegada prior.

They were getting ready to leave.

One of the reasons we left St Martin when we did was because of a wave that was coming and we would have been stuck there for a week or so.  So we had to prep the boat for 30 to 40 knot squall winds.

Two bridle lines from the boat to the anchor rode.

Second anchor on the bow in case it is needed.

Additional anchor rode out of the locker and on deck.

Rising Sun  453 foot yacht

While all this work was going on we had a double rainbow to our left and Rising Sun come into the harbor on our right.   

Mr. Fixit with the sun going down.