Monday, April 14, 2014

Hope Town

After we left Little Harbor (Pete's) we ventured up the island to Hope Town.   Kirk had contacted old Whitehall friends whom we had not seen for years.   We had a good time catching up with Will and Muffin on sv Antares.   They left to head back north.   We hope to see them in Annapolis this summer.

Our friends on sv Moonshine, Christy, Shane and Michael coming to visit.   We were so happy to meet up with them in Hope Town.  We had not seen them since they left Grenada in October 31.  We had two summers with sv Moonshine in Grenada.  They also are headed back to the States.

Looking out the inlet at Hope Town

We had coffee one morning.  We were sitting on the deck of the coffee house.  The harbor is behind Kirk.

We walked the beach headed north and came upon this Man-O-War.   Gosh it was so ugly.  Beautiful color but nasty to watch move.   yuk

At the ice-cream store the sign reads "without ice-cream there would be darkness and chaos"

So when i was studying the chart one night I saw mention of this shop.  I said to Kirk  Oh we have to go there.  I had no idea of what kind of store it was but the name grabbed me.  We were cruising along the streets one day and bingo there it was!   Come to find out it is a wine bar that serves tapas.   Perfect!!!!   A taste of some good wine was so welcome.   We had a great time there with sv Moonshine and Antares.   FYI Sip-Sip means gossip.  Is that not a great name?

This is for Lisa.   Notice the whales.   Loved all the house colors.  Too bad they were not turtles!

Elbow Reef Lighthouse

View of Hope Town from the lighthouse.   

The lens 

Oh My the stairs.   It was really blowing when were there.   I did not stay at the top very long!

Curved cabinet along the wall of the lighthouse.

Looking down.   Notice the pulley on the left side.  I am sure they pulley to get the oil up to near the top where the tanks are.

Kirk's Pics

Every picture tells a story ---  Rod Stewart

A picture is worth a thousand words --  ?

Sorry these pics jump from place to place


Walk on Pirates Beach, Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay Pirates Beach  House?

Bench I thought was cool.   Black Point 

Staniel Cay directional sign.  It says THIS Way arrow pointing right and underneath
 THAT  WAY arrow pointing left

Staniel Cay  Our boat in the background.

Leaving Pirate Beach on Staniel Cay

The usual position for me checking stuff out on the beach.   This is Pirates Beach on Staniel Cay

You can't see but the blue sign on the building says Police.  This is in Black Point

Looking out the beach at Pirates Beach

Ah yes, the snooter pigs 

Looking out an inlet in Staniel Cay

Happy Donna

The bridge we crossed at Staniel Cay

Our boat in Staniel Cay

Entering Exuma Park.  Boy was it scary going between the sand bars


The caves at Pete's at Little Harbour, Abacos.   Pete's is across from this.

Scupture at Pete's bar in Little Harbor Abacos

We love the shady roads.  This is at Pete's.  Check out the sculpture on the wall of the building.

One of the sculptures at Pete's

Arriving at Pete's dock

The road at Pete's.  The speed bumps are old ships dock lines.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 2 in Exuma Park

Kirk had planned to have me in this marine park for my birthday.  I think he worried about the weather for two weeks to make sure we were here on April 2.

Our hike up Boo Boo Hill

Kirk is playing musical rocks.   They really did make different sounds.  Kind of like the xylophone you get for your kids.   I actually stepped on a rock that made of musical rock when it hit the one below it.  

This was a hole in the path.   Do you think these are eyes staring up at you?

Our hike took us across this sand bar.

Cool driftwood

We do not know what critter made these little balls but thought they were pretty cool and organized.   Mother Nature is so amazing!

Sitting on the directional sign was this guy.   He was posing.

Our mooring on the second day.   We had to move from the ball that was next to the power boat in the  background.   How do you like the water colors?   They were fantastic....

At the top of Boo Boo Hill is a driftwood sculpture made of cruisers additions.

Kirk was adding our addition.

Another curly tailed friend.

The rock formations near the "blow holes"

One of the blow holes.   You could hear the ocean rushing in and out.   These holes go down to the ocean and on big surge days it shoots out of these holes.  

Another friend blending into the brush.

The flats at the bottom of the "hill" before you trek across the water.

Boo Book hill is in the distance.

I vaguely remember my Mom telling us to stop yelling that we sounded like a bunch of banshees.

The path was either bush, water, or sand, but most of it was this rocky,  full of holes and sharp points.

To the side of the path were mangrove nurseries.   There were signs in the park telling you about the different kinds of mangroves and to stay on the rocks as to not damage the mangroves.
We had a great time in Exuma Marine Park.

We left the park on the 3rd and crossed the sound to Eleuthera.   The forecast was for 15 - 17 knots.  We had 22 knots and saw 30 knots with confused seas which caused much sea spray.   The sea spray was unbelievable.  If you look closely you can see the little salt piles on the boat.   The whole boat was coated.