Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting Settled, Our First Hash

This past week we once again worked on cleaning, laundry, stocking and recommissioning the boat.  It has been hot, with some heavy rain which has helped keep the boat clean.  We are still anchored at Hog Island and running into people we had met previously.  Michael and Rebecca
 came back for a few days and we spent time with them which was fantastic.

On Friday while finishing up laundry at Whisper Cove we had a little visitor.  We had a lovely time sitting there.  Kirk brought his guitar and we relaxed a bit waiting on the dryer.

Our little visitor when we sat at Whisper Cove Marina on Friday

Look how well he matches the green railing.  he changes colors.  also check out how LONG his tail is!

Please check out   i am not going to go through all that is much better explained by the website.  Then enjoy our pictures.

the walkers take off

the paper arrow showing you the way.  great photo eh?

we started at the water then went inland through a dense growth area and then back out to the beach.

up a long mild hill.  there were steep climbs also

about half way overlooking St Davids harbor

These was a steep downhill.  They had installed a rope to help us.  The runners were just running down this hill.  

it was a job to navigate this hill for some

View after one of the uphill climbs

hashers making their way down the hill.  it does not look as steep as it seemed when we were coming down

After the hash talking with fellow hashers

Donna walked the beach with Kate who was following her 2 year old 

Rebecca, Marty (who is practicing his chipping) and Michael.  Rebecca and Michael both did the Ironman trail which was 8.5 miles and included swimming.

Michael has Kirk's camera before the "virgins" get the beer bath

The beer bath

After the beer bath

We are both glad we experienced this part of Grenada.  The walk was fantastic.  The party afterwards was alot of fun.  We both came home tired, smelling of beer and sweaty.

Friday, October 12, 2012

August 16th to October 12th

After Carnival we motored around to St Davids harbor and hauled the boat at Grenada Marine.  It was the only marina with a lift wide enough to haul our boat.  We worked for 3 days prepping the boat to leave.  It was hot and humid and miserable.  We did meet some fun people while there so that was a plus.  

On August 20th we flew to Maryland.  Was so great to see Nath and Kel as they both came to pick us up at National Airport.  On the 22nd Kel and Andrew hosted a birthday party for Kirk and we got to see a bunch of people we had not seen in a long time.  Christian and Bif came down and that made it super as the whole family was together.

We then started the work to prepare for Kel and Andrew's wedding.  Lots of work but it all paid off as the day was perfect.
Thanks to Uncle Jay and Aunt Ginny for letting us invade their property and have a super wedding.

Pictures are compliments of Aunt Lisa

Nathan and Christian escorting MOB (me)   Such a happy day

Kirk escorting Kelly.  Notice the tent set up in the background 

Kel and Andrew

Under the tent.  It was beautiful.  The weather was perfect.

We had such a good time seeing friends and family when in Maryland

Kirk came back to Grenada on September 30th and I followed on October 7th.  He worked for a week without me while i worked with Kel at home .  When i finally arrived we worked on finishing up the undone items and were launched on a tuesday but still no radio fixed and on Wednesday it was determined that our problem was a broken antenna casing.   I think we had replaced everything besides that.  

On Thursday we motored around to St Georges to get supplies.   The flowers are still lovely here.  It is the rainy season and it is soooooo green.  We have been to two grocery stores, hardware stores, phone store, and still more to go.