Thursday, September 12, 2013

Been Busy

We have been busy!!!!  

We moved back to Mt. Hartman Bay on Monday.  We know lots of cruisers in this bay so is much more social.

 We have gone to a hash (hike) where it rained 4 seperate times and we had to slide down embankments to the river and then try to climb out of the river in total mud, very steep, very slippery with trees that had thorns on them like we have never seen before.  Kirk just missed grabbing one full on and did get a little stab which bothered him for a few days. We walked thru mangroves at the shore edge, in swamps where your shoes get stuck in muck (yuk), up very steep hills where I was using my hands as much as my feet to navigate the hill.   Over and under trees we went, on and on.   I thought it would never end.    Don't think I will try that again as it put a full on test of my knee!

Kirk worked for a week straight on the prep work for the installation of our new wind generator.  THANK YOU KELLY AND ANDREW FOR BRINGING IT DOWN HERE.   As best I can tell, there are three manuals all with different instructions on how to install the electronic part of the wind gen.   Kirk made several trips into various parts of town to pick up supplies to facilitate the installation.  Running the wires was about the only way i could help, besides handing tools when asked or turning breakers on and off.  Was a huge job.  He decided to hire an "electrician" to do the final hook up as he did not want to take a chance of jeopardizing our batteries.  As it turned out it was not wired correctly initially but was corrected the next morn, so all was well.   We have now been monitoring the system to figure out the best way to utilize the wind, sun and diesel generator.  

We also finally got a new countertop in the galley.  It is FANTASTIC.  Steffen Meyerer of Driftwood Woodwork in St. Georges did a fabulous job.   I am so so happy not to be fighting the "stainless" steel anymore.  Both the windgen install and the final countertop install took place almost at the same time so it was a very busy and crowded afternoon on Ainulindale.

We went to a pot luck last Saturday at Clarkes Court Marina and watched the first two races of America's Cup.   The Kiwi cruisers were so so happy.

Kirk continues to go to the jam sessions at Whisper Cove and at Secret Harbor which he enjoys.

Last night we went to a South African wine tasting and had a good time.  

Kirk squished in the engine compartment.  This is the running the wires part.

Studying the confusing wind gen directions

All put together

Kirk, Steffen (underneath the sink) and Shay working on the removal of the faucets.

Kirk and Stewart of Palm Tree Marine working on the windgen install.   When it was finally time to put it up on the arch, it took all three of us.   I was in the dingy, Kirk climbed on top of the arch and Stewart handed it up.  My main job was to untie support lines that were holding it from falling into the water and to tighten nuts on bolts from the underneath.

Since we had to tear everything apart for the countertop installation, Kirk said we needed to change the zincs on the diesel generator.   It is so so so uncomfortable crammed into that cabinet.  I only had to reinstall the shelf and that was enough for me.   Kirk was exhausted from all the work with Stewart and changing the zinc.   

All done up and working.   Now for the wind.

Is this not a beautiful sight?   I still smile when i see it.   The workmanship is unbelievable.  Such detail.   Look at the curve on the corner and it fits like a glove.   And a storage track/slot is incorporated behind the backsplash.  So impressed!!   I am a happy cruiser in my galley now.  

Sunday, September 8, 2013


About a week ago we moved the boat to Woburn Bay or Clarks Court Bay.  We did this for 2 reasons.  One is that we are real close to Whisper Cove Marina which is our favorite place and two for easy access for the mechanics that were scheduled to work on the boat.  It is a more open anchorage so is more rolly which is not my favorite but such is life.   There is good access to a bakery so Kirk is happy with that.

View looking out towards the ocean.  Calivginy Island is on the left.   From what I understand it is a most exclusive island resort.  We will try to anchor near there sometime I hope.  

Ok, so here is some fruit I got from the lady who brings organic produce from the farms up in the mountains.  (not too far away)   The big yellow/orange is a coconut that you use for coconut water.   I have sampled some prior in the town market (Andrew tried one also when they were here) but the ones in the market are green.   From what i was told these are the better ones.   I have enjoyed 3 of them so far.   I still have 3 more.   I have been saving them. To get the juice you have poke a hole in one side and then the other and it will pour out just like we used to open cans in the old days!!!!  Kirk is not real wild about them on the boat, but he is being a good sport.   The little green and yellow fruit on the branch are called plums.   I never did acquire the taste for them.   The yellow/green (look kinda like a mango) on the plate with the coconut were like an apple/pear fruit.  They did not do much for me either.  I also got some limes and spices.  Is fun to try new stuff.

Steffen is making a template for our new corian counter top.   

More to come in next blog post