Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More of Long Island on to George Town

Flying Fish Marina, Long Island

Pretty little planter on the road into the marina

Roads to Clarence Town

Both Kirk and I thought this road was great.  Loved the palm trees lining the road.

and the conch shells around the palm trees

Big story with this pic.  This is one of the huge (maybe 50 - 60 feet) fishing boats in the marina.  The size of these fishing reels on the rods was unreal.   They are about 3 times as big as the ones we use.  The first day we were there Kirk took a walk around the dock and he came back to our boat and said, "I know why we do not catch any fish.   We do not have enough fishing rods out. "  We laughed and then he talked about how big the reels were.  So the night before we are leaving, we moved the boat to the gas dock which was very near these fishing boats.   Just so happened that they had gone out fishing and caught wahoo.  They gave the fish to Marvin at the marina who in turn gave us two big pieces. While Marvin was cleaning the fish, he told me it was about a 60 pound wahoo.   He was tossing the not used parts into the water and there was a huge (10 ft) black tipped shark in the water with tarpon all snapping for the fish parts.  Wow.   I just missed him filleting the whole fish cause we were retying the boat.  It was the most delicious fish I have ever had.   So the morning we left I asked the guys on this boat if I could take their picture and asked them if they ever take charters out.   They said no they just fish for fun.   Oh man is that some expensive fun.  They told me they were going to Plana Cays, did i know where that is, that day which is 90 miles south east.   I said yes I had passed Plana Cays two sails ago.  It was a very good stay in Clarence Town, Long Island.

Back in George Town, Great Exuma, Bahamas

The first morning in George Town was spectacular.   Calm clean water.

Our anchor chain

Calm morning

Our buried anchor at the end of the line!!!

Tiny starfish in the middle of pic

Ryana, our friends boat, a Lagoon 400

Morning guitar with the sun coming up.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Turks and Caicos to Long Island

We left before dawn so we got to watch the sun rise as we once again sailed across the ocean.   This sun rise was behind us as we were heading west to Turks and Caicos.

I was watching for coral heads.  Kirk took this pic  duh!  I did not know he took it till I downloaded my pics.

Turks and Caicos at Southside Marina.  

After crossing the banks and dodging coral heads (which looks like dark masses in the beautiful sea) we picked our way into the marina through 2 reefs and multiple coral heads.

Southside Marina bathroom.  I wrote about this in the blog on our way down but this time I took pics. One bathroom for all to share.  It is cut out of the side of the hill.

This is looking into the entrance to the bathroom.  Notice the wall on the right is the side of the hill.

Looking into the bathroom.  Notice the one wall is the side of the hill.   The hysterical part of all of this is that the shower has one temperature (non hot water) and you have to reach up above your head and pull down on the knob to make the water run.  (the chain was missing)  You can also note that there is no ceiling.  Just the lattice board.  

While we were there, we met some fantastic people.   Jorge was rebuilding his V drive and it was a project that most of the people in the marina joined in to help.  Either one or another was going back to their boat to look something up on line, print out a diagram or getting a tool.   It was a great way to get to know fellow cruisers.  It was also very rewarding when it all went back together and worked.

One of the mornings there we walked up the hill from the marina.  Still the same ole rock blasted away, this time to make a road.

The views were great once we got up the hill.   The colors in the T and C banks are unbelievable.

 We stayed till the weather window opened and then started our long trek to the Bahamas.   We anchored the first night behind a reef in Abraham Bay, Mayaguana.   We would start a track on our way in and in the morning in the dark we would follow our track out of the anchorage.  We then went to Atwood Harbor in the Acklins Islands.   It was most beautiful.   Was quite rolly when we left in the dark that morning.  I was so glad we were on a catamaran.   Even the big power boats were having a problem with the swell breaking on their sterns.  We headed to Long Island when the starboard engine would not charge.   So we continued on with just the port engine and the sails.  Not knowing what was wrong we called Flying Fish Marina in Clarence Town, Long Island to reserve a slip so we would have stability to check it out.   That was one of the best moves we made.   It was a great little marina.   Kirk (Mr. Fixit) figured out it was a shorted wire to the alternator and fixed the engine so were were good to go.

This is a little restaurant at the marina called Outer Edge Grill.  Please note the bright green building behind it is NOT PART of the restaurant.   It was a fun place.  We had a great time exploring the "town".

Kirk took this pic.   Great isn't it?  

This is the main road.  The building in the background is a church.

As we walked along, we came to this intersection.   Kirk thought this pic was great cause from our view point the sign says turn left here and is pointed right, however if you were on the other road, it made sense.   We walked all around town and out of town to the value food store which was smaller than a 7-11 at home.  The man there was very nice.   We also visited the straw ladies shop where there were hand made goods.  People waved to us and made us feel welcome.   It was a great stop and  if I ever get back here I would like to visit this Island again.

Friday, March 21, 2014

On to Big Sand Cay

After our early morn departure from the DR we arrived at Big Sand Cay around 4 pm, set the anchor and settled for the night.  

This is what our approach looked like.   Not much to shelter you from the ocean, but better than nothing and it was spectacular water.

So great to see the bottom after being in such deep water all day.  Really a beautiful place.  Is a true deserted island.

The south end of the island.

The beach in front of us.

Check out the sky color and don't miss the moon!

We left at o dark thirty to head across the ocean to arrive at the Turks and Caicos Banks with bright sun so we could see to get across the shallow banks.  The moon had set when we left and the stars were unbelievable.

Across the Mona Passage to the Dominican Republic

Puerto Bahia Marina

It took 22 hours to get across the Mona Passage.   We left Boqueron and arrived in Puerto Bahia Marina.  We were in Samana Bay for a few hours waiting for the sun to come up.  When we could finally go into the marina I was so happy to be there I took a picture of the clear water with the rocks beside our boat at the fuel dock.   Our passage was mostly good.

Mostly good.  Something got our boat in the night.  The only thing that cleaned it up was good ole Clorox.

Our boat on the right, looking out from the Marina complex.  It is a really nice place with a few pools.  I was most happy.   We met some great people while there.

The road to the marina complex from town.   We had a great walk down the hill.  Such a beautiful country.

The market in town.   We got some vegetables.  

This is the view from our moto-concho which was our ride back from town.   We had quite a ride!

Ocean World

Another passage and we arrived at Ocean World.  

The view of the mountain from the pool

The pool

These crazy little fishes

Another view from the pool

The break water surrounding the marina

I was swimming with the dolphins!!!

Just had to put this pic in.  It is the entrance to the casino.   When we were here 2 years ago with Ross and Diana, we thought they were carrots till we got up close!  so silly

The entrance.   We came in here at 2 am.  Notice the reefs on the side.  ohhhh

Kite sufers in the ocean.   No thank you.

We had a good time at Ocean World while waiting for the weather.   We went out to dinner twice and that was such a treat.

Sunrise leaving the DR.  So glad to be moving on.