Saturday, May 10, 2014

Marsh Harbor to Great Guana

The following day we went across the sound to Marsh Harbor.   Marsh Harbor was the original destination when we left Norfolk In November of 2011.  As we quickly learned, plans change daily due to weather and here we were two and a half years later making it to our original planned crossing destination.   Marsh Harbor is kinda the center for all provisioning etc.   We were stunned to find out that the chandlery was closed on Saturday.   We did make it to the liquor store and a great grocery store named Maxwells and got provisions for our guests Stacey and Jorge who were due to arrive the next day.   Not much at all is opened on Sunday.  We prepped the boat for guests and got excited.

Kirk picked up Stacey and Jorge at the Jib Room (Marsh Harbor Marina) and got back to the boat around 10.   After getting settled in we headed out of Marsh Harbor across the sound to Great Guana Island.  We had a great time that day.  After flying all night Stacey and Jorge thought a nap was in order but then figured out they were too excited to sleep so off we went to explore.   We dingyed into Grabbers (fun bar), then walked down “town” to find the famous bar Nippers. (I had never heard of it)  We stood on the balcony at Nippers and watched the surf and people.  Had a few drinks and soaked in the sun and the sea.  Back to Grabbers for another drink (not all alcoholic) got a bite to eat, met some fun people and back to the boat.  The next day  we had lunch at Nippers, a fun beach walk, Stacey and Jorge went into the ocean and finally decided that I was right it was not a good swimming spot.   The tide and currents are strong.

View from Nippers balcony

These cracked me up.  Funny little bushes that someone dressed

Stacey and Jorge walking the beach

Ah the "famous" Nippers" sign

Nippers view the other way

Stacey and Jorge enjoying the water

Residents proud of their island

More of the funny trees.  I laughed and laughed.

The sign says " Poisonwood Do Not Touch."  One of the first things we learned in the Bahamas over 2 years ago on a hike with Wendy and Johnny Clark was about these trees.   The bark is bad.  Was nice of them to post the sign cause not many visitors would know about these trees.

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