Saturday, May 10, 2014

Back to Hopetown

Bad weather was forecast so we headed back to the shelter of Hopetown and picked up a mooring ball.   As usual we had a good time in Hopetown.  Our friends on Ryana came into the bay and we enjoyed seeing them.   Stacey and Jorge did some exploring via a golf cart one day and then met us at “Wine Down Sip Sip.”  They had picked up a few friends along the way and brought them.  I had met some people at the laundry mat who showed up.  We ended up with a huge table.   A very quiet one at that!!!!!  We had some fresh Mahi that Ryana had caught one night on our boat.   We ate a disgusting meal at Cap’n Jacks.   Stacey and I went to the beach and then Kirk and Jorge showed up and Stacey and Jorge again went swimming,   this time with more success.  Down side of the swimming was sunburn.  It was on our golf cart ride to breakfast one morning that Stacey got the idea that she could or should stay longer and not fly back to Seattle on Friday.  

We headed back up to Man-O-War Cay after the weather cleared.  Stacey and Jorge swam again, but not in the surf this time, off the boat.  The next morning we finally had winds to sail and we sailed across the sound to Marsh Harbor to drop Jorge off.   Stacey had decided to further her adventure!!

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