Saturday, May 10, 2014

Man O War Cay

We left Hopetown and headed for Man-O-War Cay.   It is a dry cay (meaning no alcohol) that has lots of boat building history.   We anchored outside the cay behind another cay in beautiful water and turned on the water maker.  There were a few boats around us.  We went into the island through very shallow waters and explored the cay.   It is a very laid back island.  The highlight was getting an ice cream and some ice for the boat.  There were cool churches on almost every corner with some bible verses posted on signs.  Some of the houses were very cute.   Most of the people were descendants of the original settlers and there were 3 very popular names.  The island specialized in woodworking (for the original boat building which has now switched to fiberglass).   People were very friendly.  

Palm Tree House

Love those shady roads

Cotton growing on the side of the road

Pretty flowers were abundant 

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