Monday, April 14, 2014

Kirk's Pics

Every picture tells a story ---  Rod Stewart

A picture is worth a thousand words --  ?

Sorry these pics jump from place to place


Walk on Pirates Beach, Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay Pirates Beach  House?

Bench I thought was cool.   Black Point 

Staniel Cay directional sign.  It says THIS Way arrow pointing right and underneath
 THAT  WAY arrow pointing left

Staniel Cay  Our boat in the background.

Leaving Pirate Beach on Staniel Cay

The usual position for me checking stuff out on the beach.   This is Pirates Beach on Staniel Cay

You can't see but the blue sign on the building says Police.  This is in Black Point

Looking out the beach at Pirates Beach

Ah yes, the snooter pigs 

Looking out an inlet in Staniel Cay

Happy Donna

The bridge we crossed at Staniel Cay

Our boat in Staniel Cay

Entering Exuma Park.  Boy was it scary going between the sand bars


The caves at Pete's at Little Harbour, Abacos.   Pete's is across from this.

Scupture at Pete's bar in Little Harbor Abacos

We love the shady roads.  This is at Pete's.  Check out the sculpture on the wall of the building.

One of the sculptures at Pete's

Arriving at Pete's dock

The road at Pete's.  The speed bumps are old ships dock lines.

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