Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 2 in Exuma Park

Kirk had planned to have me in this marine park for my birthday.  I think he worried about the weather for two weeks to make sure we were here on April 2.

Our hike up Boo Boo Hill

Kirk is playing musical rocks.   They really did make different sounds.  Kind of like the xylophone you get for your kids.   I actually stepped on a rock that made of musical rock when it hit the one below it.  

This was a hole in the path.   Do you think these are eyes staring up at you?

Our hike took us across this sand bar.

Cool driftwood

We do not know what critter made these little balls but thought they were pretty cool and organized.   Mother Nature is so amazing!

Sitting on the directional sign was this guy.   He was posing.

Our mooring on the second day.   We had to move from the ball that was next to the power boat in the  background.   How do you like the water colors?   They were fantastic....

At the top of Boo Boo Hill is a driftwood sculpture made of cruisers additions.

Kirk was adding our addition.

Another curly tailed friend.

The rock formations near the "blow holes"

One of the blow holes.   You could hear the ocean rushing in and out.   These holes go down to the ocean and on big surge days it shoots out of these holes.  

Another friend blending into the brush.

The flats at the bottom of the "hill" before you trek across the water.

Boo Book hill is in the distance.

I vaguely remember my Mom telling us to stop yelling that we sounded like a bunch of banshees.

The path was either bush, water, or sand, but most of it was this rocky,  full of holes and sharp points.

To the side of the path were mangrove nurseries.   There were signs in the park telling you about the different kinds of mangroves and to stay on the rocks as to not damage the mangroves.
We had a great time in Exuma Marine Park.

We left the park on the 3rd and crossed the sound to Eleuthera.   The forecast was for 15 - 17 knots.  We had 22 knots and saw 30 knots with confused seas which caused much sea spray.   The sea spray was unbelievable.  If you look closely you can see the little salt piles on the boat.   The whole boat was coated.

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  1. Wow this place looked cool! Kirk looks like the Frito Bandito in that hat. That song kept going thru my head while reading the blog & looking at the pictures.