Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Culebra, St Thomas, Yost Van Dyke

More in Culebra

This is the view from our boat.  The orange and white structure is a bridge that no longer functions.  They keep in painted nice and pretty.   We have speculated as to why.  You go under this bridge to get to a restaurant and also to the marina that sells gas and to a grocery store that has a good butcher.  We have been under it many times.  The boats are tied up to the town dock.  On the other side of the dock is where we tie the dingy when we go to town.

Hillside view of town from our boat.  So quiet and quaint compared to St Thomas

This is really cool.  I am so impressed.  I think these bags should be mandatory everywhere.  That is if in fact they really do decompose.  Still I am impressed that someone is trying to help the enviroment.  Both the grocery stores that we frequent in St Thomas have these bags.  

Off to Yost Van Dyke to meet Michael and Rebecca on Zero to Cruising.  Sad to leave our friends in St Thomas as we had just returned from Culebra but on and on we go.....   We last saw Michael and Rebecca in Grenada and really did not think we would see them again.  They have exciting news in their life that caused them to come to the BVI's.  We spent 3 days with them at Yost Van Dyke. 

   While in Great Harbor 3 porpoises swam by the boat.  Rebecca went out in her kayak and got a closer look.  Was fun to see them so close again.  Check out the color of the water.   From blue to green and then the beach.

While we were there, Rebecca and I worked on replacing the "glass" in the dodger of their boat.  It was a big job and took 2 days but we "got er done".  As you can tell from the picture we were not posing, we were busy working.

AHHHH  it looks so pretty.  The dodger is the windshield of a boat.  It is the part by Michael's legs.  Looks good eh?

It was great to see Michael and Rebecca.  Even though we worked for most of the days with them it is always a good feeling to help a fellow cruiser.  Both Rebecca and I learned a lot.

  I sure am glad that we did not have to make a pattern like Diana is on One White Tree.  Ross and Diana are getting ready to leave for Panama.  I am so sad for me but so happy for them.  Lots of prep work.

Our next stop is back to Nanny Cay.  We are scheduled to have the boat hauled out and both sail drives checked by the mechanic who replaced our cone clutch about 7 weeks ago.  

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  1. OH how i MISS those dolphins!!! Looks beautiful as usual.