Tuesday, February 26, 2013


For our valentine to each other we splurged and rented a jeep and drove around to see the island. Believe it or not the jeep was less $ than scooters or a golf cart!  It was a brand new 4 door jeep.   We did not get as far as we wanted.  Seemed like all the roads went to a dead end.  We had a good day and seeing the island close up was fun.

We did get to Flamenco Beach.  Kirk thought this bird reading the sign was worth a picture!  He was reading the red one when we stopped and then moved on to the one with the teal wavy lines.

Flamenco Beach was worth the trip.  It was a large bay with big reefs all around it.  This palm tree was still hanging in there.  The only problem was it is a tourist trap.  The people were arriving by the bus load.  While that did make for fun people watching and there were some winners,  the crowds took away from the beauty. 

You can see the reefs in the back ground.

OK so here is the nasty part.  The US left two tanks on this beach.  One is further up on land.  Disgusting.....   On Vieques the island next to Culebra there are places that you cannot go because the US used it for target practice and there are unexploded bombs on it.  NICE

Now I know where the dread locks look came from.  This is the roots of a palm tree.  You can barely see the bay and beach behind it.  Don't you think it looks like dreads?

At the other end of the island is this great reef.  We had stayed here in March with Nathan and Sarah and we picked up a mooring ball again.  This time we got to see it from land.  We drove till the road turned into a dirt potholed rocky path.  Kirk backed the jeep up a hill as we could go no further.

We were in Culebra for a week.  We went there cause there was a north swell coming and kirk did not want to be in St Thomas for it.    We got back to St Thomas on a Sunday and another swell is expected on Tuesday.  All in all it was a good trip.

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  1. You were i a JEEP!!!!! There are no such things as dead ends and dirt roads that need to be turned around on. You plow forward over bolders, trees, sand, dirt...whatever!!!!!! IT IS A JEEP!!! I LOVE MY JEEP, SUNSHINE!!! I would have loved this adventure!!!