Friday, March 1, 2013

Haul Out in Nanny Cay

We left Great Harbor in Yost Van Dyke on Tuesday morning, stopped by Sopers Hole in Tortola to pick up some groceries and then headed up to Nanny Cay.  We were scheduled to spend the night in the haul out bay so we would be first out in the morning.  After a little delay we were settled in the haul out bay.  I had forgotten the down side of the haul out spot.  When boats are hauled out they are then power washed to remove the barnacles and other little sea creatures that have attached themselves to the bottom of the boat.  That is all fine and dandy but they smell.  whew weee  did they smell.  I lit some candles and that made it tolerable.  We were up bright and early (7:30 am haul out)  This picture is early morning with the sun just coming up and shining on the mountain behind us.  I thought the shadows were pretty cool.

Our boat awaiting the lift

The anchor and all yes ALL (over 200 feet) of anchor chain were lowered to the ground to take the twist out of the chain. You would not believe how heavy the chain is.  I could not crank the winch to pull it back on the boat.  We watched a pretty big maybe 100 foot boat in Great Harbor go round and round in circles to untwist his anchor chain.  Kirk wanted to switch ends of the chain, (put the end that was on the anchor and had been used a lot back on the boat and the unused end on the anchor)  but we were unable to do so.  We did get the twist out.  Lots of heavy, hot, hard work.

Among other things, we spot painted the bottom of the boat where the paint had been worn and where the work had been done on the sail drives.  After Kirk did all the critical parts, he let me paint.  I kept asking all day if i could paint.  After I painted the keels he said I could draw with the paint on the unpainted surface.  I had a little fun.

Our mechanic came by on Friday morning to confirm we were still scheduled for launch and to pick up  stuff he forgot.  I got him to take this picture.  Check out how high the boat is off the land.  It was a very big step from the boat swim ladder to the little gray step stool we keep on the boat.  Both of us could feel it in our legs. 

Sail drive is out

Sail drive is back in.  No propeller yet.

We had a visitor.  Unknown???  Had to check the boat for stowaways!!

Yes, whoever it was traveled around the whole boat.  I followed the tracks till they got to faint to see.

Among other things, we washed and waxed the outside hulls.  Check out how high up we are when working.  You would never guess I have (had) a fear of heights.  Kirk is standing between two ladders finishing the last spot.  The little ladder was very rickety and not so stable.  I used it to do the port side.  It was a bear of a job.  Then savior Kirk helped me move a big ladder and it made it much easier for the starboard side.  Kirk had finished his other jobs and we knocked this side out early Friday morning.

Look how high up I am!   I would hold on to the boat toe rail with one hand and use the other to wash or wax.   I swear the boat gets bigger every time I wash or wax it.  Rocky ladders are not my favorite thing when you are 10 feet in the air......

My honey bunny moving the ladder for me!!

Praise God, this is not our boat.  This is a sad story. It is a new Lagoon 450.  (the newer version of our boat) This boat was owned for 5 days when the owner ran it across the reef at Sandy Spit and there it sat till the salvage boat came and got it.  The water was up to the windows you see in the picture.  There are a bunch of pics on Facebook I believe.

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  1. Wow! She looks GREAT!!! I cannot believe how hard this work looks though. I would have been immobile for weeks after doing all that!!! Great work you two!!!