Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Leaving Grenada

We left Grenada on a Tuesday morning in the wee hours.   We had moved from Mt. Hartman Bay around to St Georges to sail up the leeward side of Grenada. The seas were not so great but on we went. We had some great sails.  The first day we made it to Tyrrel Bay and cleared out of Grenada.  The second day we made it to Bequia.  (one of my favorite places)  Unfortunately, the water maker blew a part when we were in Bequia and so plans were altered.  The wind was with us and we sailed to Rodney Bay in St Lucia.   We saw 3 whales sunning themselves.  That was pretty cool.  They were just floating in the sea enjoying the calm seas and sun.  We saw a large pod of  porpoises feeding.  That was also pretty cool to watch.  A few came over to visit us for a bit.

Lucky for us there is a dealer for our watermaker in St Lucia.  We ordered parts while still in Bequia.  They were shipped on Thursday, arrived in St Lucia on Monday, cleared customs on Tuesday and hopefully today, Wednesday, they will be installed and work and we will be on our way. 
 We have had a stay at the dock which is a change.   The marina is nice, there is a good grocery store a dingy ride away.   We got some boat chores done while here that require water among others.

Kirk is helping the boat next door.   They were trying to install the wrong sail in a rolling furling mast.  
He figured it out, they found the correct sail.

Video Kirk took of the porpoises

No wind.   Note the wind gen in NOT moving

Calm waters reflect the marina lights at night

Another view of the lights at night

Full moon over the marina


Full moon in the sun rise this morning.   I did not use a filter with the pic.  It really was blue.

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